Issues With Squirrels In The Attic

Squirrels may be adorable when nibbling on a nut in a park or when leaping from tree to tree, but they quickly become a nuisance if they make their way into your attic. Unfortunately, the attic is an attractive place for these rodents for a variety of reasons, including access to food and shelter. Risks The rodents are more than annoying once they make their way into your home. First and foremost, they may cause damage when gaining entrance.

Signs That Indicate You May Have A Bed Bug Problem

The thought of having bed bugs in your home is one that most people do not wish to deal with. It is a situation, however, that needs to be taken seriously, as these pests are known to multiply quickly and cause many hardships for those living within a household where they are present. Here are signs that mean it is time to contact an extermination service to eradicate bed bugs from within the home for good.

Enjoying A Spider-Free Yard When Warm Weather Occurs

If you live in an area known for an abundance of spiders being around during the warmer time of the year, you likely want to keep these pests away from you as much as possible when you spend time outdoors. Use the following tips to keep spiders away from your outdoor entertaining areas. Keep On Top Of Light Usage Spiders feast upon insects. Insects are drawn to light. Because of this, spiders are usually found in spots where illumination is present.

Quick Tips To Keep Pests Away From Your Hotel's Buffet

One of the remarkable things you can do in your hotel to beat your competitors is to prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner buffet. No one can overlook the appeal of a collection of dishes and fruits. The only issue with the buffet is that they can attract guests you do not want — pests. Since customers cannot buy or take meals in a pest-infested hotel, it is good for you to know how you can keep the pests away for good.

Ridding Your Property Of Pesky Gophers

If you have gophers taking up residence in your vegetable garden or an outdoor flower patch, unsightly holes and dirt mounds are sure to be present due to their natural burrowing behavior. Since gophers cause damage to lawns and vegetation, removing them from your property is a must if you want to keep it looking its best and providing you with foliage. Here are effective methods of gopher removal. Try Deterrents To Get Gophers To Move To New Areas