Springtime Rodent Problems? What Can Be Done

Spring is in the air, with the arrival of blossoms and green grass, you may also be encountering a few new pests as well, including rodents. Rodents may not be as active during those cold winter months, but they are going to be out and about looking for food to eat and they may be finding it in your yard, your garage, or even your home. Rodents aren't shy about where they go looking for food, so you may find them in your newly purchased grass or birdseed bags, or you may find them in your freshly planted garden or flower beds.

Stubborn Bed Bug Infestation? Try Heat Treatments

Have you been struggling to eliminate bed bugs from your home? It is common for homeowners to have a pesticide treatment applied, only to discover that a week or two later, the bed bugs have returned. You could try another application of pesticides, but there is actually a better route to go when you're struggling with a stubborn bed bug infestation. Heat treatment is more effective, safer, and easier to implement.

Keeping The Pests Out Of Your Home

No matter where you live, there are some pests that you do not want in your home. Insects are the most common problems, but you may also have mice, rats, or other small animals getting inside and getting rid of them is not always easy. Who to Call If you have a pest problem, your first call should be to a pest control service. They are a lot of home remedies out there and people who know just how to solve your pest problem, but the truth is, most of the time, the only real solution is to have a pest service come and take care of the problem.

Three Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Spring Pest Season

When the weather begins to warm, pests begin to multiply, and some of them may find their way into your home. Stopping as many of them from getting in as you can is much less hassle than fighting infestations after they've begun. Here's how you can get ready for the pest season. Trim Your Trees Spring is a great time to make sure your trees are properly trimmed and cared for, but having your trees trimmed has the added benefit of making it that much harder for pests to get inside your house.

4 Signs You May Have Mice Nesting in Your Attic

How can you tell if you have mice nesting in your attic? Read on to learn four common signs. 1. Sounds in Your Walls For most homeowners, the first sign that alerts them to the presence of mice in their attic is hearing sounds coming from inside the wall. Your attic likely doesn't have a suitable food source for mice in it, so they'll leave during the night to find one.