Willie Fisher

Skunk Control Tips for Your Home and Yard

Skunks are easy-going animals and aren't likely to bother humans. And, these little stinkers do offer some benefits. They eat other pests, like insects and rodents. While beneficial, when skunks decide to make a home under your porch, house, or shed, this can quickly become a problem. If a skunk sprays under the home, the smell is not only horrible but also difficult to get rid of. Skunks are also garden pests in some areas.

Helpful Tips For Hiring A Professional Wildlife Removal Service

If there is a wild animal on your property, the best course of action is typically to call a professional wildlife removal service. If you're looking for advice for working with one of these companies, consider the advice below. Share All of the Information That You Have When you first call the professional wildlife removal service, make sure that you provide them with as much information as possible. Let them know about the type of animal that you saw, and give them a description of the animal's appearance and size.

Spotting Brown Recluse Spiders In Or Around Your Home? What You Need To Do

Brown recluse spiders are poisonous spiders. Their bite contains a venom that can result in anything from a minor bruise to a skin infection that can lead to surgery. A bite from a brown recluse spider is something that requires medical attention and treatment. If you have spotted brown recluse spiders in or around your home, you should call a pest control company for help. Read on for what else you can do to help get rid of these spiders.

Four Benefits Of Having A Pest Control Company

Having a good relationship with your pest control company will help keep your home free from unwanted pests and your yard safe for children to run around in. Pest control companies are there to help when a problem arises, and if you are consistent with paying your bills on time and keeping open communication with them, you will be able to live without the stress of bugs crawling all over your home.

What Kind Of Dangers Do Raccoons Pose If Not Removed?

Raccoons are animals that tend to inhabit mountainous regions, deciduous forests, and coastal marshes. However, the adaptability of the animal has brought this species into various urban areas. Unfortunately, this can pose various issues for the human race. If you have noticed these pests around your home and property, you will want to contact a pest removal service in your area as soon as possible. Keep reading to learn three reasons why you will need to get rid of raccoons on your property.