Got Bed Bugs? 5 Anxieties That Hinder the Right Response

No one wants to discover that they have bed bugs in their home. And while a bug problem of any kind is cause for concern — or even disgust — a bed bug infestation comes with more emotional, financial, and physical baggage than most infestations. This makes them a particular challenge for most Americans.

What types of additional baggage might make your bed bug problem worse than it has to be? Here's what you need to know about the most common concerns you might face.

1. Embarrassment or Shame

The first hurdle most people face is simply the embarrassment that they have bed bugs. The notion of bed bugs conjures up images of a dirty home, unkempt linens, or unsanitary lifestyles. But should it? Bed bugs travel on many fabrics, including purses, furniture, clothing, and luggage. They can come from other homes or apartments. And none of these sources reflects on you as a housekeeper or person. 

2. Social Isolation

Because bed bugs provoke such a strong reaction, you may worry that people won't want to be around you or your home. In part, this is going to be the case for a while. But the quicker you successfully treat your home and get rid of the pests, the sooner you can get back to normal. Let your loved ones know the steps you're taking for permanent extermination and talk with them about the truth about bed bugs. 

3. No Idea Where to Start

Many people have never dealt with bed bugs before. So, where do you even start? Do you turn to the internet? Magazines or social media posts? Friends or family? Should you go straight to professional pest control? Anxiety adds even more confusion to the issues. And that can create either frenzied attempts to fix things or paralysis that slows down the right response. 

4. Ineffective Recommendations

Getting rid of bed bugs is not easy. Many people want to avoid harsh chemicals and pesticides. This means they may start with home remedies or suggestions from well-meaning friends. But if these don't work, the infestation has had time to grow and you may now feel frustrated about your efforts. This can even lead to depression. 

5. Financial Costs of Treatment

The best way to permanently destroy bed bugs is to work with a professional pest control service — possibly over several visits. The financial cost can worry people, particularly in a bad economy. However, the sooner you find the right solution, the less extensive the work will be. And it's very likely always going to be less costly than adding up a bunch of home treatments or even moving to a new apartment. 

Where to Start

Do you worry about any of these common issues? If so, start taking control by consulting with an experienced pest control company in your area about bed bug treatment today. With their help, you'll soon be on your way to financial, emotional, and physical recovery.