5 Common Pests And Their Risks

Regardless of where you live, some kind of pest is trying to get inside your home. The problem arises when an entire infestation takes over your home. If you would like to know more, check out these five common types of pests and what they can do to you and your home.

1. Flies

Flies can be incredibly annoying, especially fruit flies, which are attracted to sweet drinks and fruit. Some types of flies like deer flies may even bite you, leaving behind itchy bumps. However, even your standard housefly can transmit diseases such as salmonella and E.coli. Plus, because flies are attracted to your food, they can directly infect your food.

2. Bed Bugs

Beg bugs are not nearly as easy to spot as flies because they like to hide. They typically live in your bed and come out to feed on your blood when you sleep. You may be able to spot some if you lift your mattress, but other signs include specks of blood on your bed and bites. Luckily, they don't tend to spread disease, but they multiply fast, and the itching can lead to scratching, and if you scratch too much, you could develop a skin infection.

3. Ants

There are many types of ants that can infest your home, but some of the most common include sugar ants and carpenter ants. Sugar ants are attracted to food in your house, so you may find them hiding in your cabinets or even in your food. These ants can spread E.coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus because they can contaminate your food.

Carpenter ants are dangerous in a different way: they destroy your home. They can burrow into wood, leading to structural damage.

4. Rats/Mice

Rats and mice pose many issues. First, they can spread diseases, including rabies. In addition, their fleas can spread a myriad of diseases. Even rats and mice that aren't infected with a disease may bite. Like some bugs, rats and mice can also destroy your home by scratching and chewing to burrow into various parts of the home. Last, they make your home dirty by leaving behind droppings and grease paths.

5. Cockroaches                                     

Cockroaches are found in warmer parts of the US, and they will invade any home, even a clean home without food lying around. Cockroaches can lead to many health issues, such as food poisoning and dysentery. They can also spread parasites like roundworms and tapeworms. They also carry disease and can trigger allergies or breathing issues in people with asthma.

Pests can do a lot of damage to your home and your health. Even if they aren't infected with disease, pests can make life unpleasant. If you would like to know more, contact pest control services in your area today.