Follow These 3 Pro Guidelines For Proper Mice Control In Your Home

The house mouse is one of the most stubborn pests you can encounter. These unwanted guests get attracted by food and suitable hiding places. But if left unchecked, they can wreak havoc in your home. In addition to food contamination, mice are notorious for destroying paper and cloth. For that reason, you should employ an appropriate mice control method as soon as you notice an infestation. 

For instance, identifying the conditions these rodents thrive in is a great place to begin the extermination process. Besides that, mice control experts recommend the following guidelines. 

Understand the Difference between Mice and Rats

Many people don't understand the distinction between mice and rats. You should know the difference between the two rodents to get the right elimination technique. Typically, the head of a rat is larger than its body, compared to a mouse. Also, the droppings of a rat vary from those of a mouse. 

Rats and mice require different methods of extermination. For instance, traps used for mice vary from those used to trap rats. Professional exterminators know how to assess these differences. As such, you should hire experts since they will know the right control mechanisms to use right at the onset. 

Consider Sanitation as a Control Mechanism

An excellent and easy way to control mice infestation is raising the levels of sanitation in your home. Generally, mice thrive in places with abundant human and pet food. For that reason, you should keep your entire outdoor area clean and free from food debris.

Additionally, you should avoid leaving food exposed and instead put it in tight containers. Also, ensure that your kitchen floors and countertops are clean at all times and devoid of food particles. Lastly, clean and disinfect all confirmed dwellings with suitable treatments like water and bleach. 

Figuring Out the Best Exclusion Method

Once you detect an infestation, the next step is getting a workable exclusion method. Mice mostly enter the house through cracks in the foundation and other parts of the home. That's because the body of the mouse has soft cartilage, which makes it easy to squeeze through tiny spaces. 

The pests may also get into the house through gaps in the plumbing pipes and vents. As such, you ought to seal all openings over a quarter of an inch to keep them out.

Consulting a trusted mice control exterminator is the best way to resolve a mice infestation. The experts will come up with a safe and lasting solution to prevent a future invasion.

For more information on mice control, contact a professional near you.