Already Cold Where You Live And Ants Moving In? Tips To Get Your Home Ant Free

When it gets cold outside ants try to find better conditions to move into. They are looking for shelter, food, moisture, and better temperatures. One way to experience all of this is to move into a residence. If you are seeing ants in your home, you can get them out. Keep reading so your home will be ant-free this winter. 

Things to Try on Your Own

You can try some things on your own to get rid of the ants. First, there is a gel that you can purchase at a pet store. This gel is a poison but ants like the smell and taste of it. The product generally comes with a cardboard card that you squeeze the gel onto. If you go with this option, place the card in an area where you see ants. Not long after you may see hundreds of ants eating the gel. They will soon die but they will also take some of the gel back to their nest so those ants will also die. This may be all you need to do but if your home is infested you may continue seeing ants.

Baby powder is another method you can try. Ants do not like walking through the powder as they are not able to breathe. If you choose this method, put a line of baby powder around the baseboards where you see ants. The only drawback to this is you will have to keep replacing the baby powder until the ants are gone, but this will work. If you do not care to use a poison you can use borax powder in the same way. If you have children or pets, however, baby powder would be your best bet.  

Contact Pest Control

If you continue seeing ants or do not want to do any of the above, contact a pest control company. They will spray inside your home to kill any ants there. The pest control company will also determine how the ants are getting into your home. They can watch the ants in order to see where the anthill is located. They will then pour boiling water or a poison into the anthill to kill the ants. All of this should kill every ant that you have as well as the ants outside. 

The pest control company may also use a gel pesticide, much like the gel you can purchase at the pet store. However, the gel they use is much stronger, so it works better. The pest control service person will squeeze the gel in the areas where you see ants coming inside. 

The pest control company can give you many tips on how to keep ants from moving into your home in the future. Contact a pest control service to learn more.