Enjoying A Spider-Free Yard When Warm Weather Occurs

If you live in an area known for an abundance of spiders being around during the warmer time of the year, you likely want to keep these pests away from you as much as possible when you spend time outdoors. Use the following tips to keep spiders away from your outdoor entertaining areas.

Keep On Top Of Light Usage

Spiders feast upon insects. Insects are drawn to light. Because of this, spiders are usually found in spots where illumination is present. If you limit the light exposure in your yard, the insect population decreases. This in turn, also reduces the number of spiders in these areas. If there are spots outdoors that you regularly use lighting, consider swapping the bulbs with reduced wattage so insects are not drawn to them as readily. Turn off exterior lights any time you are not outdoors where you need them. This too will cause spiders to move on to other areas to search for a food source.

Clean Regularly To Discourage Spiders

If spiders attach themselves to lawn furniture, kids' toys, or sporting gear that you keep outdoors, you need to clean them off to remove the pests and webs before you use them. If you do not use items all the time, spiders can easily make homes amongst your treasures. This would include the presence of egg sacks and elaborate webbed homes. Spiders will move to other areas if their webs are disrupted regularly. It is too much work to need to start again from scratch day after day. Wipe down your outdoor items every few days using a mild cleaning agent and water. If you keep up with this practice, you'll soon find your cleaning sessions are not as intensive as spiders move away to areas where their webs stay intact.

Tend To Your Landscape To Make Spiders Move To Other Areas

Do not make it easy for spiders to have spots to create webs. Keep on top of your landscaping tasks to eliminate excessive brush, long blades of grass, and overgrown weeds. If these natural items are kept short and neat, spiders are not able to move from spot to spot to create webs as easily. Consider hiring a pest control service to tend to your yard throughout the warmer months of the year. These services use professional-grade agents to repel spiders and many other yard pests so you can enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest.

To learn more, contact a local pest control company.