Quick Tips To Keep Pests Away From Your Hotel's Buffet

One of the remarkable things you can do in your hotel to beat your competitors is to prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner buffet. No one can overlook the appeal of a collection of dishes and fruits. The only issue with the buffet is that they can attract guests you do not want — pests. Since customers cannot buy or take meals in a pest-infested hotel, it is good for you to know how you can keep the pests away for good. This way, your guests will enjoy their meals and boost their health as you increase your revenue. So what can you do to keep pests at bay? This post will outline some easy commercial pest control measures you should practice daily.

Keep the Hotel Clean

Pests usually come to a building in search of food, water, and shelter. If you allow spilled water or food crumbs to linger, you will be sending pests like cockroaches, rodents, and flies an open invitation. The best way to ensure pests don't show up is to keep the hotel clean. The cleaners should focus on cleaning every part of the building, including the kitchen, dining area, and restrooms. Remember that washing once a day isn't enough. The floors should be mopped several times (depending on the traffic) to get rid of dust and food crumbs, while spills should be wiped immediately. Also, make sure you get the right cleaning tools for different areas. For instance, the brooms and mops used in the kitchen shouldn't be used in the dining area. Also, use the right detergents to keep the hotel spotless.

Manage Food Waste Efficiently

One of the first areas pests will visit before deciding to enter the hotel building is the garbage bin. This spot provides the food, water, and shelter they need to survive. As such, it's crucial to practice effective garbage management processes. For instance, you should empty the trash regularly, keep the outdoor waste bin away from the building, and cover the bins. The bins should also be cleaned thoroughly after a few days.

Train Your Staff 

Choosing to invest in employee training will also protect your business from pest infestations. The knowledge your personnel gain will not only help them to maintain cleanliness while at work but also recognize pest infestation signs. Once they report the problem, you'll be in a position to get an expert to fix it before the pests start showing up while your guests are dining.