Dogs Keep Getting Fleas? 2 Tips To Help Them Feel Better

If your dogs keep getting fleas, this is miserable for them. If you have tried just about everything from spot treatment from a pet store to bathing your dogs with flea shampoo and they are not working, there are other things you can do. Below are two of these things so your dogs can feel much better.

Take Your Dogs to a Veterinarian

Take your dogs to the veterinarian to have them checked. They may have a skin problem along with the fleas that is making the problem only worse. Some dogs are allergic to flea bites so even if the fleas are gone, they will continue to itch badly. This is known as flea dermatitis and the veterinarian can give your dog medication to help with this. This is an allergy medication that they may have to take for the rest of their lives.

The vet will suggest flea spot treatment for your dogs if they find fleas on them. This is a fluid that you placed between their shoulder blades. The veterinarian may also offer tablets to give to your dogs. These tablets are made to kill fleas. Getting something from a vet is prescription strength and requires a prescription. This is much better than what you can purchase in a pet store. You will have to give your dogs flea treatment once per month to keep the fleas away. 

Hire a Pest Control Company

After you get your dogs taken care of contact a pest control company. They will come to your home and spray to kill any fleas that may be in your carpeting and other areas. Fleas are so tiny that they can be very difficult for you to kill on your own. The pest control company will likely come back a second time just in case there were any flea eggs in your home that were not killed. This is because these eggs will hatch, and you will once again have fleas in your home.

The pest control company will also likely spray your yard as this may be where your dogs are getting their fleas from. The contractor will make sure your flowers, bushes, etc. are not harmed when they spray. They will use a liquid pesticide in most cases as this is the easiest way to spread the pesticide over your yard. The pesticide used will not harm your grass.

Talk with the pest control company and they can give you many more tips on keeping fleas out of your yard and your home.