Skunk Control Tips for Your Home and Yard

Skunks are easy-going animals and aren't likely to bother humans. And, these little stinkers do offer some benefits. They eat other pests, like insects and rodents. While beneficial, when skunks decide to make a home under your porch, house, or shed, this can quickly become a problem. If a skunk sprays under the home, the smell is not only horrible but also difficult to get rid of. Skunks are also garden pests in some areas. So, how do you get rid of these little stinkers?

Skunks Invading Your Living Space

If you suspect a skunk may be living under your home or porch, you can first try to deal with the problem yourself. One way to do this is to place flour at the opening where the skunk gains access and follow a few steps. Start by placing the flour at the suspected access point. Check back the next day for skunk tracks. If tracks indicate the skunk is outside the area, seal it up.

When trying this method, make certain the skunk tracks indicate the animal has left. If it has not or if there are more skunks, sealing up the area can lead to more problems, like starvation of the animal and foul odors. It's best to prevent the skunk's entry in the first place. Keep in mind that young skunks are born during early summer, so wait and seal an opening in August to prevent killing young skunks.

Skunks Invading Your Yard Or Garden

Skunks eat grubs, which is good, but skunks dig holes in the yard, and this is bad. Depending on how many skunks and grubs are in the yard, you may end up with dig holes everywhere. These little creatures also dig up gardens.

Some control measures can make it hard for them to dig.

  • Use aeration
  • Apply nematodes
  • Keep soil wet
  • Spread cayenne pepper where they dig

You can also get rid of things that attract skunks to the yard.

  • Birdseeds
  • Sunflowers that drop seeds
  • Pet food
  • Garbage
  • Lumber

Good maintenance and removing attractive items can help reduce the number of skunks as well as other pests. This includes cutting back overgrown shrubs and removing boards and other debris that attract the insects that skunk feed on.

If skunks have invaded an area under the home or in a shed, it's best to leave their removal to a skunk control company. Skunks carry rabies and do spray, so it's best to avoid confrontation when possible.