Four Signs You May Have Termites

While bugs can be annoying, termites have the ability to actually destroy your home from the inside. Moving about like a pack of wild scavengers, termites feast upon anything they can find, including furniture, fallen tree logs, and even the frame of your house.

Termites cause around $5 billion in property damage every single year, and avoiding them can lead to a whole host of nightmares. It can be hard to know whether or not you have termites, however, so read this short list to let you know if you need termite control. If you see anything on this list, call a pest control technician today to inspect your home.

Banging Sounds

Though not very loud, if you listen close, you should be able to hear the sounds of termites eating through the walls. They work together, so when danger is detected, they either bang their heads on the wall or shake their bodies violently to signal to others. It also appears that termites use vibrations to determine the size of the wood, so if you suspect termite activity behind a wall, put your ear up to the side and listen close.

Cracked Floor

If you notice that the floor has started to become cracked or warped, you may assume that it's because of possible water damage. Subterranean termites though have been known to eat the floor below the surface, making the subfloor blister and appear distorted. Call a plumber if you think it's water-related, but don't be alarmed if he tells you to call a pest control company and hire termite control.

Dark Powder

While some termites use their feces to actually help construct the tunnels that they're working in, others, such as drywood termites, actually push their feces out of the area that they're working in. It looks like a dark powdery substance and it would be located right next to wherever they're eating, so if you notice it, call a pest control company.

Abandoned Wings

Did you know termites can fly? Adding to the sheer terror of seeing these little guys in action is watching them fly in swarms. Once they arrive at their new feasting location, they'll intentionally twist off their wings and start chomping down, so if you see a patch of discarded wings anywhere, there's a good chance that termites are nearby. Call a pest management company to hire termite control as soon as you can.