Things That Make Your Home More Attractive to Rodents

Your home, like many others, has many rodent attractants. Rodents look for a place to feel safe and raise their young. The key is not to advertise to those rodents that you have a perfect place for them. This means identifying, eliminating, and reducing potential rodent attractants. Here are some of the most common rodent attractants and how to minimize their attractiveness.

Smelly Garbage

Strong smells are attractive to rodents. In your home, your kitchen trash bin likely emits strong food-related smells. Rats won't hesitate to eat scraps and rotting food. Not only that, but trash cans are also perfect places for rodents to hide. Make sure your trash bins have tight lids and remove trash promptly from your home.

Easy Food Access

Rodents prefer a place with easy access to food. Food spilled on floors and left on countertops are very attractive to rodents. Even if you pick up after yourself very well, rodents can still chew through packaging and boxes. Keep your floors and counters clean and secure your food in airtight containers or tightly locked cabinets. If you have a pet, remove any uneaten food, and keep food dishes clean.

Lots of Bedding

Nesting rodents need plenty of material to chew up and turn into soft material for their babies. Lots of paper and cardboard make perfect nesting material. They will even chew up money and clothing. Reduce the amount of paper and fabric in your home or keep these items secure and uncluttered.

Safe Hiding Places

The more hiding places you have, the better rodents like your home. Rodents survive by hiding all day and coming out at night to search for food. Therefore, they need dark hiding places where they won't be seen. Excess clutter, lots of plants, and undisturbed storage areas are perfect rodent living spaces.

Dripping Faucets

Even though rodents get much of their moisture from food, they still sometimes need water. If you have anything that holds water, or even a dripping faucet or pipe, then rodents could use it as a water source. Fixing leaks will help cut off water access inside your home, plus it may save you money. Other sources of water, such as aquariums, should be covered or secured.

Rodents are present in all types of environments from the heavily populated cities to the rural woods. It doesn't take much to invite one into your home. Therefore, if you see rodents lurking around your home, or you suspect you have an infestation, take steps to safeguard your home. A rodent control company can examine your home and determine if you have an infestation and help you get rid of rodents.