Springtime Rodent Problems? What Can Be Done

Spring is in the air, with the arrival of blossoms and green grass, you may also be encountering a few new pests as well, including rodents. Rodents may not be as active during those cold winter months, but they are going to be out and about looking for food to eat and they may be finding it in your yard, your garage, or even your home. Rodents aren't shy about where they go looking for food, so you may find them in your newly purchased grass or birdseed bags, or you may find them in your freshly planted garden or flower beds. There's even a chance you find them in your pantry, raiding the peanut butter jar or feasting on your box of crackers. If you have rodents, you should do what you can to get rid of them. Read on for helpful tips.

Use Air Tight Containers

You should put your garage items in air-tight containers to keep rodents out of your seed. Mice aren't the only ones you're going to find trying to get into these type of seeds in your garage, you may also find moles or even chipmunks. Keep these items in air-tight containers to make it much harder for rodents to sniff out or get to. The same goes for the inside of your home. Use air-tight containers for your food as well. It can keep other types of pests out, including ants or roaches. If in the event you still have any of these pests in your home, at least you won't have to throw out your food.

Keep Your Yard Tidy

If you keep your lawn high or don't trim around your fencing, or other landscaping, you could have a lot of pests hiding in your yard and not even know it. If you have a lot of yard debris in your yard, or other things such as woodpiles, you may be providing cover for more pests than just rodents. Roaches, ants, spiders, and even wild animals can all be hiding in these areas and you not even be aware of it. Keep your yard tidy and trimmed, including your trees and bushes.

Set Traps

Traps are one of the best ways to get rid of rodents. You can find traditional traps at your local hardware store. Set them with baits to attract them to your trap, then discard the pest after it has been caught. Set traps in places where you think they have been scurrying around most often, whether it's in your home or your garage. Don't set traps outside, as you can hurt some other type of animal. 

If you have a rodent issue, no matter the season, hire a rodent pest control company to help you get rid of the problem.